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Monday, November 1, 2010

Bye Bye October!

What happened? It seemed like just yesterday we were looking forward to a thanksgiving trip up North and now I'm cursing the sub zero temperature we had on our way to work this morning. Time flies by faster and faster.

So what went down this month in my world of running? Let's recap to find out:

  • I ran 280km. This is by far my heaviest running load I have done in years and I would say it likely rivals my mileage back in 2001 as I came into the XC program at Western. The size of this stat hasn't really hit home yet. I still picture myself as a 28 year old over-the-hump road runner, but after the result from my most recent road race, I think the hard work is paying off.
  • I raced two races in October! After one race in August, one in September, October saw me knock off 8.5km in Sudbury over Thanksgiving weekend and 5km on Halloween. The first race was the most ridiculous course I have ever run and refuse to ever step foot on again. The second race was my best result in nearly 10 years. Win some, lose some...
  • I dipped my calves into frigid waters twice!  Once in Sudbury in the Conservation area, the other in Arkona at the foot of the Rock Glen falls.  Loved it!
  • I neglected my physio exercises and seem to have fallen off my stretching routines. I think I'm getting too excited about the actual running, but I need to put an end to that! My knees are in a little bit of pain, and I fear it's due to 1) my mileage increase and 2) my laziness.
  • I rolled my ankles far too many times this month. Another reason I need to get back to strengthening exercises.
So, what will November bring me?  1 more XC race, as my teammates and I race the OTFA Provincial XC championships in Guelph. Yay, I get to run with a full team again! :D. Otherwise, It's a low mileage month, perfect for me to spend time pampering my legs. Maybe I'll start hitting the weights again.

I will leave you with my ongoing mileage progression graph:

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