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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Like Drowning Flies in your own Sweat

Well, it's now been just over two weeks since I was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer, a nasty bacterial infection and what appeared to be a fungal infection to boot. It all happened so quickly, in well under 24 hours I was crippled and after 6 hours in urgent care, relegated to a darkened room for 3 days with absolutely nothing to do but drown in my thoughts.

Since then I've been able to slowly return to normalcy and I'm proud to say I'm back at work putting in full days in front my dual monitors. It isn't always easy, my eyes are still very sensitive to light, but I'm managing. I'm getting decent sleep, and on the days I don't, find it hard to battle with my eyes...I'll normally take a nap midday if I plan on getting on with the rest of my day.

As for running, I did take one week off (luckily I was already taking that as a down week), and I bounced back the next week, which is last week, with 5 runs and a total of 56km. I'm not feeling fast, I'm not entirely confident in my footing either (try running with one eye and see how that goes...), but I'm excited to be running and to have enough energy to crank out hour long runs on a daily basis.

I'm not yet running with the club yet, and I'm not doing any real workouts yet, but for now I'll just enjoy the easier running and take care of any little nags that come along with it.  By the end of October I'll be in peak form ready to unleash my fury on the trails and's a slow process so I won't rush it. Plus, there are tons more flies to drown in my sweat...


  1. So glad to hear that things are getting better, man. Drowning flies is sweat it much more pleasant than drowning them in your saliva or tears, hehe.

  2. That my friend, is a very good point. At this rate I must be running out of tears...


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