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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Race Recap: RCLDS #6 1500m/800m

Well, another race in the bag and this one is only 5 days after my last race, so needless to say I went into this one wondering what it would boil down to. It turns out that after a day spent in the washroom (which I visited 9 times) I was unable to even crack 4:30 for the race when my goal was to go 4:20.

I ran the 1500m in 4:32 and finished a disappointed 2nd last overall. Ah well, it was still a solid effort considering and the fact my lungs felt like they were larger than my ribcage after the race meant that I knew I put in some kind of effort that taxed my body.

I was about to leave the track after a cooldown run when Mr. Procter asked me to step up and race the 4x800m with our club. I agreed and wondered how I got myself into this mess. The 800m felt good, I finished strong and I imagine it wasn't any faster than 2:20, essentially what I split for 800m when I ran 4:21 3 weeks ago.

And that wraps up my track season. A whopping 3 races and much to learn from. I am now preparing for the Barking Frog Summer Night 5km in less than 2 weeks and that will cap off the first block of training and competition for the year. 

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