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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Things Must Come to an End

...even if just momentarily...

This week is my last week of training for my track/road race season, and though I feel ready for my last race of the season, I'm also glad to finally see it all wind down. Some of my club mates will be at the Ontario Track & Field competition this weekend, but I'll be at the Barking Frog Summer Night 5km looking to better my seasonal best I set nearly 2 weeks ago.

I hit the track last night for a final tune up and our prescribed workout of 2 man 400m relays was a great way to get in some final sharpening (our effort was to be slightly faster than 3km race pace). I finished up with 4 strong 100m strides and called it a night.  I'm sitting here and feeling pretty good, hopefully I can continue to sharpen up a bit for Friday night, I have high hopes, but I'll cover those in another post.

As for now, I'm enjoying the reduced mileage and emphasis on sharpening. It's certainly a nice change after nearly 7 months of volume, intensity and racing.

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