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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 7AM Unspoken Bond

So I'm finally getting back into a regular running routine, and let me tell you, it has been nothing but struggles and bliss. I love feeling free again, able to just let my legs fly as I coast along the Thames River, but it sure is a pain in the ass to only be able to see out of one eye. Ah well.

I was out bright and early this morning, it was a wise decision considering it's been so stupid hot lately. So I made my way out this morning just before 7AM, after my first real night of sleep in many days.  I was pleased to find only a few people wandering the path, but what I realized as I passed each with a friendly 'Hello', nod or smile....was that these people all shared the same passion as I did. Whether they were walking, running or biking, they were all out at 7AM on a Saturday morning enjoying the freedom of talking one's legs for a jog, spin or whirl.

And then I realized that although I would likely never associate myself with these people, through this thoroughly individual activity we had created a bond, a connection. It seemed like we both understood each others reason for being on the path and this sensation was at first, strange, but as I thought about it more, it provided me with some re-assurance, a sense of community and some grounding for the activities we undertake.

So the next time you're out and about, running/biking/walking at 7AM, be sure to smile, wave or say 'hello' to those you cross paths with. It is these people who share a very common ambition, passion, connection with you: They are, much like you, enjoying the freedom their legs provide them with before most of the modern world has even shaken off their morning rust.

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