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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Woes of an Injured Runner

Blah. I haven't run in two days now and it feels like an eternity. I had to pull out of my first track race of the season.  I really shouldn't be so worried, it's only been two days. Some runners go on the injured list for months at a time.
This is something I wrote over two weeks ago when I had just injured my achilles. It's crazy how perceptions change with time. Now that I read this, and considering I took two weeks away from running, my view on not being able to run has done a full 180. In the end, the two weeks away are exactly what I needed. After coming back to training in December, I haven't had a single week off in nearly 6 months, a stretch of running my body has never experienced before.  I guess my achilles decided to make the decision for me.  There's always a reason for injuries. It's just so hard to step back and analyze it, but at least we humans were given hindsight. :D

I've been back for 11 days now and have put in 11 very solid days of running and my previously injured achilles is handling everything very well. I'm making sure it's taken care of, as I'm stretching, massaging and running on nearly flat roads as much as possible. My mileage is back to pre-Italy numbers and aside from some stiffness from the track workouts, I'm feeling great. My confidence continues to rise with each workout, and I'm gearing up for a massive night of 1500m races in mid June!

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  1. Our bodies know and rest is always good. The same happened with my achilles; 1 week off, and it was fine.


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