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Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Thoughts

So since my epic 1500m debut last weekend this week has been a little subpar, but I suppose that was likely. I ran easy the Sunday and Monday following the race and felt surprisingly good. Tuesday night was to be my first workout since the race and while I started my pickup portion of my warmup, my left calf tightened up and I was forced to jog it in. Sadface.

I strung together about 60% of the workout, and what I intiailly thought was a re-aggravated Achilles was in fact a super tight hamstring. Kids, if your calves are tight, look higher than your knee for the cause. That should save you some time.

So I'm now kind of running easy, hoping my legs settle down as I massage and stretch it all out. I'll be hitting the track again on Saturday for a workout, so hopefully everything is lined up for that. This was supposed to be a high mileage week for me, but now I've re-adjusted so that I make sure I'm healthy above all going into next week.

This weekend is a pretty epic weekend for track lovers as the US and Canadian Track & Field Champs are happening in Oregon and Alberta....plenty of great runners facing off to win or qualify for Daegu later this summer.

Live Canadian Results
Watch US Track & Field Champs LIVE ONLINE!

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