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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Running Thoughts

This is just a brain dump of a few things that have crossed my mind while running, thinking about running or daydreaming about running.

Men and running in the heat

Last Tuesday was a scorcher, with humidity near 100% and the humidex at 42C, and we had a workout scheduled at Gibbons Park. Figures.

We got there for 6PM and it was slow going. It felt as though we were running through water and we knew it would be a tough workout, especially when your legs feel like they weigh 3 times more than normal. We did mile repeats, and as I ran I started to notice a rather interesting trend: There was a large disparity in the number of female runners compared to male runners.

We mentioned it amongst ourselves as we ran, but we couldn't think of any real obvious reasons for this disparity. The ratio must have been 4 to 1. Was there a hockey game that night? Were the men at a patio drinking beer? BBQing?

Regardless, the women were definitely out in the peak heat of the day, logging kills by the droves and most men were nowhere to be found.

Farting & Running: The Ugly Truth

This may not be what we want to hear, but it's so pervasive in my running that I felt I may as well talk about it.  Apparently, some study came to the conclusion that runners on average produce twice as much gas as non-runners. Dunno how reliable that study was, but I can attest to an increase in gas production the moment I took running back up last year.

So yeah, I fart when I run. Some days more than others, some days not at all. I'm sure it has to do with my diet and eating schedule, but I'm not too concerned. What concerns me is I always seem to need to fart as I'm passing a cyclist/walker/runner or running through a neighborhood that is packed with people working away on their lawn.

It seems to happen without fail some days, the need to pass gas as I pass someone. I can't explain it. Does this ever happen to you?

Want to Run Smoothly?

Do you find yourself wishing you were lighter, smoother, and more efficient while running? If you want to run smoothly, I've discovered the key. Hopefully it works for you too...

Stop thinking about running while you are running.

Yup, it's that simple. Clear your mind, look ahead and not down at your toes, and think about anything else but running. Everything will smooth itself out. The key here is to look ahead and not trying to control every step you take. Your body knows what is best and natural, let it run it's course.

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  1. Great post, man. By my personal observations, women also seem to be more prevalent in the extreme cold. Not sure what it is. They are just more hardcore, I guess. So true about getting in the zone while working out. As soon as I let my mind drift, my running goes on autopilot.


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