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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where oh where did time go?

Manarola, where we stayed for 4 nights while in Italy
Bah, it's been ages since I've written on here it feels.  Just over 2 weeks ago I was slated to run a low key 1500m race to mark my triumphant return to the sport, but I had to scratch last minute due to a self-diagnosed case of bursitis (stupid bursa) on my achilles tendon.

After that I could barely run and did all I could to make sure I could walk when I landed in Italy for our 2 week dream vacation through Venice-Bologna-Modena-Parma-Cinque Terre-Pisa-Florence-Rome. I tried running when we arrived in Bologna, I ran about 4km but had a constantly nagging pain in my achilles. The pain flared up the next day, making even walking around problematic. So I shelved running for the duration of our trip.

You might recall my tender shins from last month, so I figured I may as well just rest up from all the impact and come back to Canada healthy and ready to resume training. I'm happy to report that my shins are feeling 100% now and I have no pain in my achilles. My soleus muscles are still very tight, and I'm working on fixing that, but now it's time to get back in the saddle and knock off some killage in style.

I really don't know when my next race is right now, I'm forcing myself to re-align my goals so that I don't get hurt again. My #1 priority is above all, to stay healthy so I can keep running.

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