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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fighting the Urge: How do I keep it all within reach?

As I sink deeper and deeper into my running self I'm finding that I'm having a hard time fighting off urges. Urges to go harder. Urges to go faster. Urges to go longer.  What used to be a challenge (just logging the beginner miles) is no longer an issue and the poles are shifting. I am having to exercise restraint on easy runs, intervals, repeats,etc....

This isn't easy. I'm quite frankly addicted to running. If I don't run one day, I feel like something is missing, like things aren't lined properly anymore.  It's rather unsettling and leads me to think I'm not pushing myself hard enough.

And then, at workouts, I am reminded of just how far I've come. How less than a year ago I raced a 10km on the road in 43:30 and now I'm pushing tempo efforts at a comfortable pace and splitting 5km at 18:20.  I've made such massive strides since last July that I can't fault myself one bit for taking an easy day here and there.

And then there is my ultimate stay healthy and injury free. I've run lots this year and I plan to run lots more, so if I feel like I'm running myself into the ground, I need to back off.  And that's how I feel sometimes, and most importantly, today.

My shins are getting tender to touch, and I'm afraid if I don't take care of them now, I'll be paying dearly for the neglect in a few weeks time.

In the end, you need to keep your head about you. Remember your goals, and don't lose sight of them.  Today, that's what I'm doing. I'm remembering I want to stay injury free and I feel that overdoing will throw me over the edge.


  1. Def take care of those shins! My doc told me that shin pain is the early warning signs of bigger issues! Do NOT end up on the injured list, we have enough on our team already. Take care!

  2. Thanks Morgan! You cemented my decision, tonight, I stay off my feet. :D


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